More Group Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the most popular, sufficient, and economically boosted countries in all of Europe. It has an active history of international trade and carry an outward-looking attitude. Familiarity with foreign business is deeply ingrained in the Dutch mentality. Dutch industries, as well as the government, promote and support businesses in its capital, Amsterdam.

More Group can help you with more than just simple accounting facilities. Here are some of the key services available from our Amsterdam office:

- Coordination of incorporation and registration of a BV (Dutch Limited Liability Company).

- Coordination of incorporation and registration of a STAK (Stichting Administratiekantoor).

- Administration and accounting - provision of administration and accounting support in accordance with Dutch GAAP or IFRS.

- Legal support (analysis of contracts, preparation of board resolutions, drafting of other corporate and legal documents).

- Corporate Income Tax and VAT services - preparing and filing the Value Added Tax returns on a quarterly basis for the company. Filing of the corporate income tax (“CIT”) returns on a yearly basis.

- Assistance for newly arrived expatriates - application for residence permit, work permit, citizenship, and second passport.

Getting to the More Group Netherlands office:

By Bus and Transit:

The nearest tram/underground station is:

• Zuid (2-minute walk from office)

The closest bus stops is:

• Zuid (2-minute walk from office)

By car:

The nearest public parking is:

• Q-Park Mahler (5-minute walk from office)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Strawinskylaan 945
WTC Amsterdam A-Tower
9th floor
1077 XX
The Netherlands