Learn how to get good feedback and trust for your business

Building trust with clients is essential to business success. It is vital to a successful relationship. Here are a few top tips to gain the trust of your clients:

  • Honesty and Transparency – Clients never buy from a business they don’t trust. Many businesses make the mistake of exaggerating and over-promising to attract clients. Stand out by being honest and edge you over competitors.

  • Display integrity and recognise competition – Gain client’s trust and respect by being wise on decisions that are unpopular and the right thing for the client. Best not to speak negatively of your competitors and highlight their bad experiences or services. Rise above and instead highlight your company’s strengths.

  • It’s not all about you – Be diligent of your client’s needs before making it all about your company and its resources. Understanding clients as people, rather than just a number can often open doors leading to more business and referrals through good word of mouth.

  • Be a teacher – Do not be afraid of sharing knowledge with your clients and explaining complex subjects in a way they’ll understand. This will help build trust and help position your company as market experts.

  • Respect their time – Promptly reply to phone calls and emails carefully addressing all their points raised. If you know your call will take some time, check that they have time to speak before launching into an extended explanation.

More Group is here to support you with your business and hopes the above tips will be useful.

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