How We Work

We are proud to serve as consultants to businesses, entrepreneurs, and private individuals that value personalised, proactive services. Attention to detail is important to us and we do our best to ensure that as a More Group client, you feel at ease knowing that your service needs are being cared for effectively and efficiently.

At More Group, we truly believe that by putting clients first and listening to what they want, we can deliver the highest possible standards of customer care. We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver high quality and customer focused services.

The team at More Group has a commitment, passion, and determination to improve services and build strong relationships with our clients. We always strive to deliver excellent services and aim to get things right first time. The services we provide are integral to our clients’ success and every employee of More Group takes their responsibilities strongly.

To ensure our services meet client expectations, we have developed a robust client feedback system. It is now even easier for clients to share ideas on how to improve services and report any dissatisfaction to that we can rectify it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Choose Us

We provide a comprehensive range of professional accounting, tax and corporate solutions for private individuals and corporate clients:

- Proactive advice and support
- Truly international reach
- Confidential and discrete service

More Group offers a wide range of business advice and accountancy services across the globe. Our international network is a valuable resource and available to all our clients. When working with More Group, you can be confident that the work will be carried out by dedicated professionals with local and international expertise.

As a More Group client, you will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will ensure all your service needs are met. Your Relationship Manager is there to minimise any concerns you may have on the onset and to add value to you and your business. A robust More Group feedback system is available to all clients to ensure any dissatisfaction will be rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Vision

We provide expert professional advice and practical support services to add value to our clients’ interests in three key ways:

1. Ensuring our clients remain compliant
2. Providing proactive tax support and ensuring all structures are tax efficient
3. Protecting our clients’ wealth generated as a result

We aim to provide a holistic service through the life cycle of our clients’ business interests from setting up a structure, to maintaining it, to protecting wealth generated, to closing it down once it has achieved its objectives.

We work closely with our business partners, including international accounting and law firms, leading investment and private banks, and financial advisers, providing expert advice and innovative business solutions, tailored specifically for our clients. We will always safeguard the integrity of our partners’ relationship with the end client.

We provide a professional, prompt, personalised and highly confidential service to all clients. We have adopted a robust recruitment policy designed to attract the most dynamic, career orientated, multi-lingual and cross-culturally proficient individuals who take pride in their work and who have as professional individuals accepted the challenge and responsibility to work collectively towards a higher goal within our Group and our society as a whole.

Our services are distinguished from our competitors by our pro-activity in providing tax accounting solutions to our clients. We also employ state of the art technology in the provision of professional advice and practical support. We apply structured business management strategies tailored for each business unit ensuring a high quality service to all clients.

Company History

Inspired by the old private banking model seen in the City of London and the West-End, the firm started in 2005 under the name of ATC Solutions as a Sole Trader. ATC Solutions focused on providing trusted advisor services help owner managers, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals legally mitigate as much tax as possible.

There was always an international feel to the company. From day one, Mike and Ruairi travelled to Continental Europe and the Former Soviet Union to sign up professional partners. These included banks, law firms, accountancy practices, and private individuals.

In January 2015, the company underwent one of the largest developments at the company since it started over a decade ago. To coincide with the firm’s global vision strategy it has a global transformation and rebranded to More Group.

More Group now employs over 30 specialists in key service fields and has offices in six international locations.

Meet the Team

The Board

Ruairi Laughlin-McCann

Managing Director

Mike Conroy

Group Managing Director

Daniel Mould