Agent for Service of Legal Process

What is an agent for service

of legal process?

An agent for service of legal process (process agent for short) is a person or company who is responsible for receiving documents such as litigation (lawsuit) on behalf of a company. They provide a company with an address where court papers can be delivered which are then forwarded to the business promptly.

In the UK a process agent can be used when a person or business has no address in the UK and are essential for legal compliance. Our professional consultants at More Group can act as registered agents for service of legal processes. As a professional accountancy firm, we understand the importance of receiving and providing an efficient service to maximise business opportunities. So, our dedicated staff will ensure your post is forwarded to you promptly, maximising the time you have to review your documents.

Why do I need a process agent?

If someone wants to sue your company, there needs to be a transparent process for this to take place. Also, as a business, you need to know that under these circumstances you will receive the notification for the lawsuit. If a lawsuit was sent to a busy office and overlooked by a novice receptionist, there could be legal consequences.

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Benefits of using

More Group as an agent:

  • Our offices have trained and professional staff present throughout all operational hours. It is no good having a process agent who will not be available during regular business hours; this could cause delays in your receipt of the documents.

  • We are independent to your business; you will not receive sensitive documents in front of employees or clients – protecting your company’s reputation and ensuring discretion.

  • The name and address where the litigation (lawsuit) is filed may appear in public records. By using an agent, you can protect your company’s privacy.

  • You will receive an efficient and reliable professional service

How More Group

can help

Our reputation as a reliable accountancy firm makes us an ideal process agent. We will handle your documents with care and confidentiality, providing an efficient, streamlined service. Our clients feel reassured knowing professionals are taking care of their sensitive information. If your business requires a process agent contact us today and book an initial consultation.

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