Bank Account Opening

After a successful incorporation of your business, opening a corporate bank account that ensures efficient and smooth movement of your business transactions is a necessity. Most often, businesses also require the facilitation of certain sizeable transactions through an escrow account.

With the modern economy becoming increasingly complex, it is imperative for both individuals and corporate organizations to mitigate risk for important transactions by opening a corporate bank or escrow account.

How to open a Corporate Bank or an Escrow Account?

The process and requirements of opening corporate bank or escrow accounts depends on the financial institution and jurisdiction. Our Treasury Team can save you both time and money by providing guidance and in some cases completing the entire process on your company’s behalf. More Group’s financial experts have created an advantage for our clients by gaining expertise and experience by opening accounts locally, internationally, and offshore.

Corporate bank account

Key Highlights

Fine line between personal and professional:
A corporate bank account defines the boundaries between personal and professional funds and assets securing your business’ entity, as well as your personal one.

Stay prepared approaching tax return deadlines:
When your funds are combined in one place, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on top of your financial records. Having a corporate or escrow account streamlines your recordkeeping, saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss any deductions.

Provides credibility and exhibits professionalism:
Having a dedicated corporate bank account gives your company a sense credibility and professionalism when dealing with your clients, business partners, and suppliers.


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Countries we can help you open an account in:

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Why choose More Group?

Our team of accessible Treasury Officers ensure that your company’s day-to-day activities are carried out in accordance with your instructions. We provide an authorised signatory panel which acts solely upon your instructions or we can act as joint signatories on accounts. As a professional introducer we can open, manage and close bank accounts on behalf of our clients in a wide range of jurisdictions with established partner banks.