Drafting and Reviewing

Commercial Agreements

Commercial agreements, or contracts, are a common occurrence for all types of businesses. Even though companies frequently come into contact with contracts, the process of reading and writing these documents can still be complicated and time-consuming. Our professional partners produce contracts regularly so can use their experience to write them accurately and efficiently.

Contracts can be verbal or written, but when agreements become more complex, it is advisable to draft written contracts. By producing written contracts, both parties’ interests can be protected under common law. Contracts should include:

  1. Business specific clauses

  2. General terms and conditions

  3. Standard clauses relating to general legal requirements

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Contract drafting

Terms and conditions can be complicated and time-consuming to create. Additionally, if you are not experienced in writing them, you might miss out on crucial details. We can help you to identify and include all parts with relevance to your business. Our professional partners can draft the contract with a clear professional structure to reduce the risk of potential disputes. As well as saving your company time, we can ensure you comply with any rules and regulations within your business industry.

Services we offer

We can draft and review a variety of different contracts for our client’s include:

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Power of Attorney.

  • Commercial Agency and Distributorship Agreements

  • Sourcing project finance and loan agreements

  • Employment agreements

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Construction contracts

  • Lease Agreements

  • Sale/Purchase Agreements

Contract reviewing:

​In collaboration with our legal partners, we can provide both verbal and written advice on the contracts we review. The complexity of the contract in question determines which service would be most relevant to your business. Generally, the verbal advice is beneficial when the arrangement is straightforward, whereas written advice is more suitable for complicated contracts because it is more detailed.

How More Group

can help you

In collaboration with our legal partners, we can use our expertise to draft and review robust contracts on your behalf. We are experienced in producing contracts for many businesses types across a variety of industries. It is highly beneficial to have contracts which include all relevant information to protect your business legally. If someone inexperienced produces or reviews a contract, sometimes essential sections of the contract may be overlooked. Unintentional faults can have legal complications for your business. Working with trained professionals helps reduce this risk. To find out more about the reliable, accurate service we offer, contact us today to book a free initial consulation.

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