Education Sector Accountancy

With the education sector continually evolving, many schools and colleges feel the arising need to manage their financial activities via skilled financial advisors. Accounting for education providers is a complex subject that requires a tactical understanding of the sector. Converting an educational centre to a financially stable institution brings in the requirement of managing all financial influx efficiently.

Education institutions are now facing additional responsibilities of running a business, being fully accountable for the public funds they control, deliver their efficiencies in their daily operations as well as ensuring education standards are met. This means, having to manage their financial records becomes increasingly difficult to execute.

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Day nurseries and childcare providers need to focus on the development of the young children in their care. However, it is also vital to stay on top of business finances. More Group provides support with VAT, statutory yearend requirements, and insights on financial performance which could make your business more profitable.



Due to the recent inflations and affordability distension, it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent schools to balance the books. Our specialists provide crucial advice to independent schools on supporting governors, dealing with The Office of Bursar, recent financial, structural changes, and financial compliance.


Academies in the UK benefit from the freedom to make innovative independent decisions regarding the day to day running of the school. This allows Academies to employ a trusted advisor to guide them through vital financial decisions. More Group provides advisory services to support during pre-conversion, mid conversion, and post-conversion.

Universities and

Technical Colleges

With the introduction of the new framework for accounting formats, Universities and other higher education institutions are required to prepare their financial reports according to the Financial Reporting Standard 102 for the year ending 31st July. More Group specialists will not only help you convert your financial records to the newest format but also keep you abreast of new developments and changes in the accounting system.

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More Group has many professional accountants specialised in the field of Corporate Tax. Our accountants can help you manage and file your Corporate Tax and ensure that you never miss a deadline. More Group has many branches all over the world, so our accountants are familiar with the taxation laws in many countries.

We are experienced experts in the field of Corporate Tax and can ensure that your company gets a dedicated accountant to handle all your Corporate Tax needs. We make sure that you do not have to face the hassle of finding out which jurisdiction your company falls under and what laws and reliefs your company is entitled. We take care of all your tax needs so that you can focus on growing your business.

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