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Many expats make the common mistake that they are exempt from tax in their home country when moving abroad, this is often not the case. An individual’s liability to personal taxation depends mainly on that person’s tax residence and domicile status, and on other factors such as the situs of assets (the place where they are located for tax purposes) and the source of income and capital gains.

The More Group tax experts offer a full range of comprehensive tax consultancy services for your international lifestyle or business expansion. Our global offices work closely with our Private Clients, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses to ensure their needs are met.

We are also able to refer you to:

  • Immigration specialists to assist with entitlement to work in countries across the globe.

  • Relocation specialists to facilitate the move to the chosen country for private individuals, their families, and businesses.

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Core Services:

  • Non-resident landlord support to ensure you comply with local and international property tax regulations.

  • Tier 1 Visa applications and residency support including bank account opening.

  • Remuneration planning to develop and implement assignment policies and tax equalisation policies.

  • Assignment planning to develop an appropriate tax planning strategy to assist with cost control.

  • Pre-arrival and departure tax planning.

  • Consideration of residence and domicile issues which includes residency visas and work permits.

  • Advising private clients who are moving to/from their home countries for reasons other than employment.

How we can help you

Being an international tax firm with offices in various international locations, we truly understand what it means to operate in a global marketplace. More Group is well placed to advise you on expatriate tax matters, relocation planning, and visa requirements.

Dealing with your local tax authority can be challenging enough, let alone a foreign one in a second language. We have multilingual staff that can deal directly with the authorities on your behalf. This will allow you to have the freedom to focus on your life abroad. We help take away the confusion and ensure you are compliant wherever you are located.

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