Fund Trustee Services

A trustee is a person or company that is responsible for managing assets for the benefit of a third party. Trustees can be used for a variety of reasons including for a trust fund, a pension, or in the case of bankruptcy. Our experts provide a range of trustee services to open and closed-ended fund structures. More Group are committed consultants, delivering efficient, reliable and transparent services to clients.

Services We Offer Include:

  • Net Asset Value (NAV) reviews

  • Pricing checks

  • Control testing

  • Monitoring of fund assets

  • We can run and manage meetings between trustees to ensure the structure functions smoothly

  • Trustee Compliance


How we can help you?

In many situations, it is beneficial to have an independent trustee.


More Group is dedicated to acting in your best interests.

You will receive a professional service from our experienced consultants who are familiar with providing excellent fund trustee services.


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