Legalisation Services

More Group offer a verity of legalisation services to assist you with your personal and business needs. There are many reasons why a document may need to be assessed through a legalisation process, including passport applications/renewals, educational certificates, and company documents for submission to government bodies.


Our key legalisation services are:

  • Notary

  • Apostle

  • Legalisation


Notary Service:

Legal documents are being requested on an increasing basis. Many of these documents are essential for everyday processes, and sometimes need to be authenticated by legal authorities. Notification is the process by which documents are authenticated. Documents are notarised by a judicial authority who declares whether they are genuine.


This certification means these documents can be accepted as legally valid.

  • Circumstances, where documents are frequently notarised, include:

  • Property/Land

  • Powers-of-attorney

  • International business

  • Affidavits (e.g. banks)

  • Deeds (e.g. deeds of sale, trust, claim)


Additionally, sometimes after a document has been notarised and apostilled, it may need to be legalised. Legalisation is used by countries which are not party to The Hague Convention. In these circumstances, the document will need to be legalised by the consulate in the country where it will be used.

Apostille Service:

After a document is notarised, it may need to be apostilled if it is intended for use overseas. This involves sending the document to the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office so the notary’s signature and seal can be authenticated. The Foreign Commonwealth Office then attaches an apostille, which is a stamped official certificate. This service is only appropriate for documents that are issued in the UK; documents must be legalised in the country they were issued.

How More Group

can help you

We can efficiently process and send off the relevant documents to be notified, apostilled and legalised at each of the respective legal authorities. At More Group we get documents legalised on a daily basis and have a favourable turn around time. Let our professionals handle the certification of your legal documents so that you can stay focused on other personal or business matters. Contact us to find out more about our legalisation services and book a free initial consultation.

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