Managed Trust Companies

Managed Trust Companies are designed for firms who do not have the facilities or do not want the burden of setting up another company. In these cases, a licensed service provider can set up and manage the company on behalf of the firm. More Group can act as this service provider. We can use our expertise to establish and run managed trust companies for our clients. Through this service, our highly skilled professionals aim to simplify business operations and maximise our client’s success.

Benefits of setting up a Managed Trust Company with More Group:

  • The managed trust company will fall under the parent companies name, not the partner company’s name. Thus, providing an easy expansion option for the parent company to offer more services to clients without all the stress of setting up a new office.

  • The parent company does not have to face the fixed costs of funding, establishing, staffing and equipping a new office.

  • Our experienced team can establish your offshore presence by exercising our relationships with local regulators in numerous locations, all without the cost of relocating.

  • By working with certified accountants, you can feel confident your trust will be compliant with local laws and will be set up to mitigate tax liability.

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Our main services include:

  • Arranging the formation and ongoing administration of the managed trust company

  • Provision of policies and procedures to enable compliant operations of the managed trust company

  • Director, secretarial, and registered office services

  • Accounting and financial reporting services

  • Regulatory and compliance services

  • Client due diligence and KYC services

  • Trust, corporate, foundation, and LP formation and ongoing administration services

How we can help you

More Group can identify your businesses needs and set up a trust company to ensure your requirements are met. Our professional guidance will make the process of setting up a managed trust company as effortless as possible for your business.

Through years of experience, our specialists have formed trusted relationships with regulators around the world. We will use these established connections to set up company trusts at a competitive price. Through close relationships with our clients, we are dedicated to ensuring your priorities are met and that your benefits are maximised. Contact us today to find out more about our service and to book a free initial consultation.

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