Netherlands Incorporation

Why do business in the Netherlands?

Nick-named the ‘springboard to European markets’, Netherlands is an attractive business location. It has a healthy and growing economy that has an excellent foundation for business industries such as life sciences, electronics, agri-food, chemical industry technology and engineering. Local and foreign businesses in the Netherlands benefit from a very supportive environment that catalyses international trade promotes efficient export and innovation, eases Dutch company formations and collaborates with some of the world’s best companies and research institutes.

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Netherlands information

  • Extensive double taxation treaties with leading countries in the world.

  • Corporation tax is 20% which is the joint lowest amongst the world’s largest 20 economies.

  • Enterprise zones throughout the UK which offer reduces taxes, simpler planning rules, and financial benefits.

Benefits of setting up a company in the Netherlands

Densely populated:
Although the Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the small size and manageability make Netherlands an ideal trial market for the EU.


Early adopters of Technology:

Netherlands is a leader in R&D and the Information Technology sector. Dutch companies continuously innovate new technological solutions for essential industries.

Ideal transport framework:
Nearly 22% of EU road transport goes through the Netherlands, and a good percentage of EU trade happens through the 3rd most significant post in the world, Rotterdam, which is situated in the Netherlands.

Stable Business Environment:
Proactive government policies, effective governance and minimal corruption allow foreign companies to conduct business in the Netherlands safely and securely.


Access to funds:
The US market hosts one of the most developed, liquid, flexible and efficient financial markets in the world. Funding sources in US range from banks and investment funds to venture capitalists and investors.

Available entities:

Our multilingual staff at More Group in the Netherlands specialising in business incorporations and setting up Dutch companies across the country, irrespective of the size and nature of the firm. We aim to make it easier for both foreign companies as well as local clients to set up register their businesses in the Netherlands. Our high quality of incorporation service bridges the gap for businesses and individuals looking to set up the following types of companies in the Netherlands:

  • B.V. (Besloten Vennootschap) Company

  • STAK (Foundation company)

  • Trusts

Tax exemptions for

Start-up companies:

Legal entities whose activities are of social and charitable nature, or are in the interest of the public, are exempted from corporation tax. Furthermore, the participation exemption applies to all dividends, gains and losses related to the holding of at least 5% of the shares in a subsidiary. Another Dutch amendment permits companies to depreciate loss-making participations of 25% or more during the first five years after acquisition.

How can More Group help you?

More Group provides a full service of incorporating all kinds of Dutch entities along with assisting your newly incorporated Dutch entity with support and accounting requirements. Our team of Dutch specialists are expert information, incorporation, administration, financial management according to Dutch standards, as well as other support services that are required to keep the company in good standing. Since we believe that our clients should focus on the overall development of their business and not into the everyday minutia operations, we strive to provide our best quality of service, promptly and proficiently at very competitive prices.

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