Non-Resident Self Assessment Tax Return

What are non-residential tax returns?

If you have income and assets spread across more than one country, it is essential to understand how this affects your tax liability both at home and abroad. Non-residential tax returns help governments to identify a person’s annual income and decipher how much income is liable to be taxed in that country.

Generally, in a host country where you are classed as a non-resident, the government will require you only to pay tax on income earnt in that country.

Similarly, your domestic country will usually not require you to pay tax on income earnt outside the country. However, you may still have tax liabilities on assets in your domestic country. For example property, investments, and interest on savings. Some countries, such as the US, tax citizens (including citizens living abroad) and permanent residents on their income generated worldwide.

Globally the emphasis on compliance is becoming more substantial. Governments and tax authorities are increasing their focus on obtaining tax from expats and business travellers. It is becoming more difficult to determine how much tax individuals are liable for, which is why with professional advice our clients often find they receive significant tax savings and not liable to be fined.

Waiting for the Subway

Penalties for late submission

In most locations around the world, if you submit a late tax return, it will incur a penalty. Therefore, many people find it reassuring investing in an accountant so that they can leave the necessary but often monotonous task to a professional. If you want to reduce the risk of incurring penalties and ensure your tax returns are compliant across borders, then our dedicated team is here to help.

How we can help you

The rules surrounding non-residential tax planning are complex and continually changing. More Group is up to date and experts on international tax and non-residential accounting matters.


By remaining proactive, we are in a helpful position to offer you expert advice to maximise your wealth while ensuring your tax compliance. We are proud of the services we deliver, which are personalised, efficient, reliable, and professional.


With international staff in locations around the world, we are well equipped to assist you wherever you reside. We have experience in preparing and filing tax returns, calculating tax liabilities and overpayments, and can offer useful advice on filing dates.

If you need help with your non-residential tax returns, contact us today to book a free consultation.

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