Offshore Incorporation

Why should you incorporate your business offshore?

There are many benefits in offshore company formation including the possibility of reduced costs and efficient tax planning, protection of assets, maintenance of confidentiality and risk management. Professional advice and careful planning will ensure the integrity of a proposed structure incorporating an offshore company is maintained.


What are the benefits of incorporating your business offshore?

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  • Reduced Tax Liabilities – Many offshore businesses benefit from efficient tax planning on the income resultant from offshore operations, i.e. from activities outside of the jurisdiction of company formation.

  • Higher Privacy – Registrars in many offshore jurisdictions do not divulge details regarding directors, shareholders and beneficiaries of offshore IBC companies. Therefore, the underlying principle may perform all related activities in the name of an offshore company while remaining completely anonymous. Nominee directors and shareholders can be appointed to safeguard the beneficial owners of an offshore company further.

  • Protection Of Assets – Many offshore jurisdictions are renowned for their favourable asset protection laws. By implementing offshore banking facilities together with an offshore company, you can protect your company’s assets even further.

  • Lower Maintenance And Operating Fees – Due to limited reporting requirements, offshore companies tend to have lower maintenance and operating expenses. The cost of compliance, preparation of accounts and auditing in on-shore countries is often quite costly, as opposed to offshore companies enabling you to save on these particular expenses.

Our team of international Chartered Tax Advisors and offshore specialists provide tailor-made solutions to enable you to meet your objectives. From offshore company formation through to compliance, management and assisting the execution of your business objectives, we provide comprehensive advice and support ensuring maximum client confidentiality.

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