Payroll Services

Payroll Services

A robust payroll system is essential to all businesses, whether you are the sole employee or have a high number of staff. Factors such as high employee turnover, continually changing tax regulations, business growth, and employee benefit tracking can cost significant time and money if processed internally. For many businesses, outsourced payroll facilities can be the answer for a cost-efficient and secure payroll solution that is backed by quality assurance and control.

Our payroll Services are managed and provided by our team of certified tax advisors and payroll specialists whom register your company with the appropriate tax authorities and ensure regulatory compliance as well as tailor Payroll solutions specifically to your requirements. By outsourcing your payroll system to one of our payroll managers, we can ensure that your employees are paid the correct amount on time.

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Why outsource your payroll to More Group?

Having a multilingual staff here at More Group means that we offer a unique payroll solution for you, delivering a global payroll service via our dedicated Treasury Department.

We specialise in small-sized clients where our payroll team becomes an extension of your firm and carries out Payroll services for you.

Our team of certified tax accountants register your company with respective tax authorities and ensure regular compliance with your business.

Our specialists remain up to date on the changes in laws and regulations across payroll legislation across the globe. This way, our clients get the best from our accuracy, knowledge and efficiency.

Clients choose More Group for the increasing quality of service at our best possible price.

While working with More Group, you minimise your risk and are assured of the timeliest and precise quality of Payroll solutions tailored specifically to your company’s size and nature.

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Our services are a one-stop solution for your financial needs, where you rest assured of working within the most compliant regulations. What’s more is that we offer accurate advice for your payroll framework and we share in-depth insights with our clients.

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