R&D Tax Credit Grants

Research and Development Tax Credit Grants

The Research and Development Tax Credits (R&D Tax Relief) is a government incentive based reward scheme for businesses in the UK for investing in innovation and business enhancement. There is a chance you can reduce your tax bill or receive a refund from HMRC based on the hours which have been dedicated to conducting Research and Development activities.


The Grant may be claimed across multiple industries. R&D Tax credits have the power to transform your business to the next level as it is designed to reward innovation and boosting growth backed by the government. The R&D Tax credits are an amicable source of cash for your business that can be used for business growth, hiring new staff or further innovation.

If you are able to answer yes to the following, then you may be eligible for an R&D Grant:

  • Is your company registered in the UK?

  • Is your company been active for a minimum period of a year?

  • Have you spent any money or invested in R&D activities?

  • Has your company conducted qualifying R&D activities?

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Core Services:

More Group work closely with Click R&D to identify organisations which qualify for HMRC Research and Development Grants. Click R&D will vet your company to check that it can satisfy the eligibility criteria outlined by the HMRC. The team is made up of specialists in this area so you can rest assured that the matter is in safe hands.

How we can help you

Click R&D will conduct a completely free initial assessment of your R&D tax credit claim to see whether your business activities constitute research and development spend in your business, ensuring a successful submission of your claim. Fees payable by the client are a direct percentage of the R&D funds you will receive from your R&D tax credit claim.

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