Seychelles Incorporation

Why setup a company

in the Seychelles?

Seychelles is a 115-island country located off the east coast of Africa. It is the best location to set up a new business if you are looking to tap into the African market. Its stable political, economic and social climate makes it an attractive location for foreign investors. It has a very flexible capital structure that can be moulded to accommodate a variety of business needs. The corporate structure of a Seychelles Business Company can be designed by a comprehensive set of requirements to suit your business structure.

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Available entities for incorporation

  • International Business Company

Advantages of setting up a company in Seychelles

  • An international business company (IBC) is exempt from paying tax or duty on any income or profits.

  • An IBC is also exempt from paying any stamp duties on transactions related to its business.

  • The identities and personal information of the owners, shareholders and directors are not made part of the public record. At the time of creation, the Registrar of Companies does not require any data related to the actual owner of the company. This information is only available to the licensed Registered Agent of the company.

  • Seychelles has one of the world’s fastest Registries of International Business Companies in the world. A new IBC usually takes around 24 hours to register.

  • A Seychelles IBC pays $100 to the government as a fee during registration and has to continue paying a static amount of $100 per annum. This amount does not change over time depending on authorised capital, paid-up capital, number of shares or other corporate variables.

  • A Seychelles IBC is not required to have any minimum paid-up capital to start its business operations. Any amount of authorised capital can be stated in the IBC formation documents.

  • The amount of the authorised capital can be freely determined at incorporation by the owners of the IBC. There is also no mandatory timeframes as to when the shareholders must pay this capital.

  • An IBC is treated as its independent legal entity which means that has the same rights as a person.

  • The shareholders, directors and officers can either be individuals or corporations of any nationality. There is also no requirement for a mandatory Annual General Meeting.

Key information:

An International Business Company is Seychelles is exempt from tax and stamp duty and enjoys a range of benefits.


However, there are a few laws that these companies must abide by to retain the status of an IBC in Seychelles.

  • An IBC cannot carry out business within Seychelles

  • An IBC cannot own real estate in Seychelles

  • An IBC cannot engage in banking, insurance and registered agent activities without a valid license

  • An IBC cannot carry out security-related business within Seychelles but can conduct them in other countries provided they have licenses to do so in the respective countries

  • An IBC cannot carry out business as a Mutual Fund unless they have been licensed by the Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Act of Seychelles, or under laws of any other recognised jurisdictions

  • An IBC can maintain Seychelles based bank accounts and deposits

  • An IBC is allowed to maintain professional relationships with Seychelles based attorneys, accountants, trust and management companies, investment advisors, etc

Seychelles company

set up requirements:

  • A unique name that doesn’t resemble the title of any existing Seychelles company.

  • At least one director and one shareholder of the company. The same person can act as a director and shareholder.

  • A certified copy of the company’s memorandum, articles of association or any other document that defines the company structure

  • A statutory declaration in the prescribed form made by the registered agents of the company

  • An IBC requires an official registered address in Seychelles along with registered agents for the company

  • It is necessary to have a person dedicated to keeping the accounting records of the IBC

How can More Group help you?

Setting up a company in the Seychelles is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to conduct their business on a global scale. However, the laws are difficult to understand and can get confusing at times. We at More Group have helped countless companies set up in Seychelles and are experts in the Seychelles jurisdiction.

We can understand your business structure and ensure that you incorporate your company in Seychelles with minimal changes to your business structure. We can also ensure that you get all the valid licenses that you will need to carry out all your business activities smoothly. We will make sure that your company is incorporated as quickly as possible so that you can take advantage of all this jurisdiction has to offer without removing the primary focus from your business.

Need help setting up a company in the Seychelles?