Trust and Foundation Services

Trusts and foundations are both great tools to manage wealth and to help in succession planning. They can be used for personal, estate, financial, tax, and business planning objectives.

What are the differences between Trusts and Foundations?

  • A trust is an arrangement where a trustee is responsible for another person’s assets, who is known as the beneficiary. The trustee must sustain the assets to maximise the beneficiary’s wealth.

  • Foundations have features of both a company and a trust. They are distinct legal entities designed to hold assets. Foundations are beneficial as they can separate assets from personal wealth, separating assets from falling under an estate for inheritance tax purposes.

  • One of the differences between trusts and foundations are the legal structures. Foundations are isolated legal entities which operate in their name and hold legal title to the assets within them.

  • Trusts are not distinct legal entities, and they operate in the name of the trustees; the legal ownership lies in the trustee names.


There are various other differences between the two structures. It is a lengthy process to learn about these differences, and how they will influence your unique circumstances. Therefore, our clients find it useful to enlist the help of a professional who is knowledgeable about what is available. We can help you find the best kind of trust or foundation to suit your individual needs. Through this careful selection, planning and structuring we help our clients to protect and accumulate wealth.

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Main services include:

  • A trustee

  • Trust formation

  • Accounting and bookkeeping

  • Family office services

  • Maintenance of bank accounts and investment portfolios

  • Managing other asset classes, i.e. real estate, art

  • Asset reporting

  • Protector services (sometimes called a guardian)

How we can help you

We will use our experience and knowledge to find the best option for your circumstances. Our international presence means we are well positioned to serve our clients locally and overseas. The service we offer is personable, and we work closely with our clients to ensure we appreciate their needs and help them reach their goals.

Our clients appreciate working with a dedicated Relationship Manager as it allows them to form a rapport and encourages our clients to engage more. Increased communication allows our consultants to understand our clients’ exact requirements, resulting in more benefits for our clients.

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