United Kingdom Incorporation

Why setup a company in the UK?

The largest country in the British Isles, the United Kingdom has a long and rich history that combines well with its now modern, liberal and forward-thinking mentality. Waves of diverse immigration, an influx of foreign investment, and the presence of big multinational companies have now made the UK a leading financial and service hub, with an economy which grows from strength to strength.


Over the last decade, the British government has aided in nurturing the growing ecosystem of startup companies giving them real value and opportunities to expand with.

Fast jurisdiction to set up and run a business:
It takes only 13 days to set up a company in the UK as compared to a European average of 32 days.


Lower tax rates:
The UK corporate tax rate of around 20% is lower than most of the UK’s core competitors. This makes it even more feasible for foreign investors to set up their presence in the country.


A world leader in innovation:
The UK is ranked consistently amongst the top countries in the world as one of the most productive places for innovative firms in the world for the quality of its research base


Stable political and economic environment:
The UK has one of the most stable, transparent and the least corrupt political environments. It also boasts one of the highest GDP rates in Europe which is well above the Eurozone averages.


Home to Europe’s number one city for business:
More overseas companies set up their European headquarters in the UK than anywhere else. London is the world’s leading financial services centre and has also been voted Europe’s top city for business.

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Key tax benefits:

  • Extensive double taxation treaties with leading countries in the world.

  • Corporation tax is 20% which is the joint lowest amongst the world’s largest 20 economies.

  • Enterprise zones throughout the UK which offer reduces taxes, simpler planning rules, and financial benefits.

Tax exemptions for

Start-Up Companies

The British government is taking considerable steps to nourish the growing base of start-up companies in the country by offering tax advantages, grants, tools and much more. UK provides small and medium-sized enterprises (less than 500 employees and £100m turnover) a research and development relief that they can claim for up to 230% of their R&D costs.

Available entities:

  • Branches

  • Private Limited Company

  • Public Limited company

  • Limited Liability Partnership

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