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Why setup a company in the US?

The United States of America is considered as a prominent business player with an excellent economic and political stronghold. The US accounts for one-fifth of the world’s GDP whereas the entire population constitutes only 4.5% of the world’s population. Foreign investment in the US has been plenty where the FDI in the US roughly reaches the 15% of the total global mark. Also home to some known brands, there is no denying that the USA as a business hub seems to be the favourite by a landslide amongst other world economies.

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Key benefits

  • Attractive tax and legal benefits for LLC incorporations

  • No VAT imposed in the USA while some states still impose sales taxes

  • Some tax credits and deductibles are available to businesses

  • To avoid double taxation, foreign tax deductions and credits are available on US tax returns

Features of starting a

business in the USA

World’s largest market:
The US offers the most extensive consumer market with a GDP of $18 trillion, with around 325 million consumers. Household spending in the US is one third that of the global household spend.

Ease of conducting business:
Thanks to the regulatory environment which especially catalyses starting and operating a business, USA ranks consistently amongst the best international places to do business.

Tremendous Resource supply:
Being the third most significant nation by geography, US has an abundant amount of natural resources, making it easier for companies to produce and move their products efficiently.

Access to funds:
The US market hosts one of the most developed, liquid, flexible and efficient financial markets in the world. Funding sources in US range from banks and investment funds to venture capitalists and investors.

Open education systems:
The US boasts a splendid education system consisting of top colleges and schools from around the world.

Available entities

  • Limited Liability Company (members sharing losses and profits)

  • C Corporation (Legal entity owned by shareholders)

  • S Corporation (Corporation created through an IRS tax election)

Tax exemptions for

Start-Up Companies

As a startup in the USA, it might be difficult to make both the ends meet especially with the additional tax burdens and responsibilities. However, the IRS (Internal Revenue Services) has designed relief programs to stimulate economic growth such as Alternative Minimum Tax by partnering with R&D. Apart from the IRS, many local states also offer startups not only tax exemptions but also access to partnerships and funding from more prominent businesses.

How can More Group help you

At More Group we can provide peace of mind by helping you assess which company type will be more suitable for you and prepare all the required paperwork, including a new or revised constitution containing additional regulations, to complete the transition to the offshore company in Dubai. While we’re at it, we’ll throw in a full statutory health check for free. We’ll also provide a useful checklist of action points you need to consider elsewhere in your business to make this as smooth a process as possible.

Need help setting up a company in the USA?

Discuss your needs in detail with our USA company setup expert with absolutely no obligation.

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