VAT Refund for Companies

Non-resident businesses operating in countries in which they are not established or VAT-registered can end up spending significant amounts of expenses in the form of VAT paid on goods and services bought on EU soil. Visitors to the countries in the EU tend to pay approximately 15-20% extra on the price of goods and services in the form of VAT that can be recovered by their businesses back home. Though sometimes, these businesses do not take up the opportunity of recovering the refunds on the tax because of it being a lengthy and toiling procedure.

Countries generally exempt exports from VAT. So, when you buy merchandise or other goods as a tourist, what you take home is considered an export. Accordingly, you are entitled to a refund for the VAT portion of the price. Visitors to Europe do not have to be worried because the VAT is often refundable once they go back to their home country. The VAT refund service is necessary for companies not based in the EU to be refunded from the European country where the purchased the taxed item, allowing them to save on tax costs.

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Our VAT service highlights

More Group assures you the best VAT refund experience, allowing us to increase your profitability throughout the years. Our client’s satisfaction is what matters and which is why we have follow-up’s even after providing the services.

We offer a transparent, standardized and an efficient approach providing solutions for our clients to recover foreign VAT in a very cost-effective manner. Also, you will receive excellent advice from indirect tax specialists who possess technical VAT knowledge and global experience.

List of documents required:

While we recover your tax for you, the following documents are all that we require from your end so that we can provide you with an efficient service:

  • Registration Form

  • Letter of Engagement

  • Invoices and receipts of the expenses during the business trip

  • Commercial registration certificate of the company

How we can help you

Please do not hesitate to consult one of our specialised tax consultants to help reduce your business’ expenses. Our team of highly skilled tax accountants examine and evaluate all opportunities for your business to attain maximum profitability.

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