Nominee Services

What is a nominee service?

There is a legal requirement for all UK entities to disclose the details of their company’s directors and shareholders. This information is kept on public record by Companies House and is available to anyone who wants it. Understandably, many business directors and shareholders value their privacy and prefer not to disclose their identities on the public record.

Nominee services allow your business to appoint official positions such as the director and shareholder to a third party, who is then listed on the public register on your behalf. Nominee services allow our clients to remain anonymous. As part of our nominee services, we can also act as a nominee to assist our clients with opening bank accounts. This can be beneficial where companies have directors in overseas locations. At More Group we understand the importance of our client’s confidentiality, we are also committed to carrying out detailed Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to ensure your company’s senior decision makers are compliant.

Details of nominee services:

Our clients will be the beneficial business owners. This means you will retain the power to manage your business and the power of disposal. As nominees, we will not be able to participate in company business without written instructions from you (the beneficial owner) through general power of attorney.

Nominee directors and nominee shareholders have no power over how your business functions and are mainly present for legal reasons to keep the company director and shareholders information anonymous.

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We offer Incorporation Services in the following territories:

Nominee Director

Nominee Shareholder

Why choose More Group?

In a world where privacy is increasingly hard to come by, our professionals can help protect your company official’s personal information. More Group has assisted a vast number of clients, acting as a nominee director and nominee shareholder for many entities. We are proud to be able to process KYC applications in a matter of hours; our efficient service means your business activities can continue to run smoothly. Through this process, our experts can assess our client’s individual circumstances to ensure their legal compliance.

We take compliance and confidentiality seriously at More Group, and our clients feel reassured knowing experienced professionals are appropriately protecting their information. Contact us to book your free consultation and speak to one of our experts.