Statutory Compliance

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected through growing trade between countries, and now smaller businesses are also expanding operations overseas. With increasing international trade, there is also increasing regulation and corporate governance. Companies are legally required to abide by these rules (however small the company), non-compliance will result in penalties and fees. For multinational companies, it can be hard to identify and understand international regulations. In most locations, you will need to research the different laws, deadlines, documents, and the bodies involved in compliance. Our experts at More Group are knowledgeable about these procedures and can advise your business on international compliance.

Generally, international compliance is associated with financial reporting such as income tax returns, payroll, and statutory accounts. While this is a hugely important area, compliance does not just revolve around tax obligations; it encompasses various other aspects of your business too. Setting up an entity in a new location could encounter corporate tac registration fees, office lease considerations, staff visas, and living permits. Employee benefits also differ internationally, for example, the amount of paid time off work, maximum hours work per week, and minimum wage are all areas of compliance to consider when staffing an office in a new location.

How can the More Group help?

Our international presence means we have staff who specialise in understanding regulations in several locations worldwide. Compliance for businesses can be especially challenging when there are cultural or language barriers. Our team will use their multilanguage skills and local connections to establish your businesses compliance at home and abroad. We can offer you expert advice and can provide you with a range of compliance services. Our clients feel reassured knowing their business compliance is being looked after by professionals who are well accustomed to global rules and regulations. By working with us, our clients can attain savings through reduced tax liability achieved as a result of our expert advice. For a professional, efficient, and reliable service, contact our team today to book your free consultation.

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