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Which businesses must apply for VAT Registration?

Most businesses have to register for VAT; this allows businesses to charge and recover VAT where applicable. In some countries, thresholds are in place before VAT registration is required. In the UK for example, businesses only need to register for VAT once their turnover exceeds more than £85,000 per annum. However, many countries, including most in the EU, have no VAT registration thresholds, so it is essential all businesses be registered for VAT in these countries.

It is essential to be proactive while trading internationally as VAT legislation rules vary between different countries. To understand and keep up to date with different VAT legislation requires continuous commitment, which can drain valuable businesses resources.


At MoreGroup, our VAT specialists are well informed about international legislation and keep up to date with changes to VAT registration laws around the world. Our VAT experts can offer you specific advice to ensure your business is compliant in multiple locations.

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Applying for VAT Registration

VAT registrations must be submitted directly to the country in which you wish to register. Without local knowledge, applications can be challenging, and errors can lead to applications being questioned or dismissed resulting in delays to your business processes.


To comply with local authorities, it is necessary to understand local processes, and it can be beneficial to speak the native language. Our international multi-lingual team have excellent knowledge of local tax legislation across the globe and can offer you professional VAT advice and guidance to simplify your business operations.

How we can help you

We offer professional advice and guidance on VAT matters at a competitive price. To make your business operations simpler, we can register your business for VAT and then take care of your monthly or quarterly VAT returns.


At MoreGroup, we pride ourselves on the efficient, accurate, and reliable service we deliver to our clients. 


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