VAT Compliance

Most businesses are registered to pay VAT tax. This involves completing VAT returns which report all taxable transactions during a monthly or quarterly period. These must be completed accurately by all VAT registered companies, which can be particularly challenging if operating abroad. Therefore, it is common for business owners to unknowingly make mistakes when filing these declarations, resulting in penalties which reduce profits. To eliminate this risk, it can save your business time and money to hire a professional accountant to maintain for your VAT tax compliance.

VAT Legislation

VAT legislation is becoming increasingly complicated, especially when operating businesses internationally. Globally, VAT legislation varies dramatically so being aware of how this affects your business in different markets is essential to ensure compliance with local law. Failure to comply with VAT laws will result in penalties; in the UK these could be as much as 100% of the tax, so it is crucial to be proactive and up to date with all your VAT tax affairs.

Many businesses entrust professionals, like More Group, to handle their tax compliance, so they are confident their business operations are entirely legal. As an additional benefit, More Group uses knowledge of VAT legislation to mitigate the VAT tax clients pay, adding value to clients businesses.

Our clients feel reassured knowing they can focus on running their business while we expertly handle their VAT activities.

Reviewing the Laws

VAT compliance services that we offer include:

  • Advice on whether you need to register for VAT

  • Information on different VAT tax arrangements

  • Assistance with record keeping

  • Help with preparing and submitting VAT returns

  • Planning and advice regarding VAT compliance

  • Providing support with disputes with HMRC

How we can

help you

Our tax accountants are trained to help alleviate the risk of overpaying VAT and encountering penalties. We are dedicated to using our expertise to reduce your workload and to improve the efficiency of your business operations.


By choosing More Group, you can be confident that the service you will receive will be accurate, reliable and professional. For more information on VAT services, please contact us and book your free consultation.

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