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VAT affects many businesses. In the UK the VAT rate is at 20% and if miscalculated could result in penalties of up to 100% of the tax which highlights the importance of having your VAT affairs in order. With VAT becoming increasingly complicated we aim to simplify your business operations by assisting with your VAT profile.

How can the MoreGroup help?

MoreGroup provides vital services including VAT registrationVAT complianceVAT returns, and VAT refunds. Through years of experience in offering VAT services to a range of businesses, we have developed a highly skilled team who can provide businesses of all sizes with excellent customised advice and guidance. Our VAT experts advise on compliance while maximising your VAT savings where possible. You can rely on MoreGroup to take care of your businesses needs and provide you with a professional, reliable, efficient and accurate service, all at a competitive price.

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