Legal Support Services

More Group is committed to ensuring compliance and statutory precision is at the forefront of our consultations. Within accounting, many elements have a close link with legal obligations. We work with experienced and talented partners, who provide our clients with legal guidance when needed. By working in partnership with legal experts, we can maintain an entirely holistic service.

Our partnerships allow More Group to offer clients with a comprehensive service. This is beneficial for clients who are seeking both accounting and legal support. Having both services managed through one Relationship Manager can save time and money. We use our existing understanding of your circumstances to improve the efficiency of all legal support services.

At More Group, we are experienced in assisting clients who need regular legal support. With professionals in locations across the globe, we can provide legal support services internationally. Our and partners will ensure compliance with local law and provide excellent communication support. Our global presence is highly advantageous for many of our clients who reside or operate overseas.

How can the More Group help?

At More Group, we offer legal services for both businesses and individuals. We can assist clients with a range of services such as drafting commercial agreements, providing international companies with a registered address, or helping individuals and businesses get legal documents notarised and legalised.

Our consultants are dedicated to handling your legal documents with the utmost care and confidentiality. We will use our expertise and global network to ensure your requests are processed privately, efficiently, and reliably. With a respectable reputation as a trustworthy accountancy firm, you can be confident that our experts will deliver a streamlined professional service – all at a competitive price. Contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our experts and find out how we can add value to you or your business.


Our Legal Support Services

Agent for Service of Legal Process