If a document is notarised in one country and is intended for use in another country, there may be a further formality of recognition. Making sure your documents can be recognised in other countries outside of your domestic location, will save you time, money and eliminate any strain that could possibly arise.

More Group offer a range of legal support services that complement our core business offerings ensuring holistic service package. Whether you are an individual looking to invest in a foreign transaction or a company wanting to facilitate international trade and cross border transactions, professional administrative support from an established practice can have a real bottom line impact on your business.

Whether you are a private individual or a corporate organisation, incorporating your own company can have many benefits. Operating through a corporate entity offers limited liability and perpetual succession. Company formation can also facilitate your business objectives by creating third party confidence in your operations through ensuring credibility and regulatory accountability.

More Group specialists can advise you on whether you should incorporate, in which jurisdiction you should incorporate and when you should incorporate. We ensure the company formation process is completed as promptly and comprehensively as possible whilst being tailored to your particular business objectives.